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If you would like to find out just how a strategic Social Media Marketing campaign can impact your business, get in touch with us.

Social Media marketing

As we all know, Social Media is HUGE these days, and you can take advantage of its popularity in order to promote your business and your brand and reach as wide an audience as possible. By posting regularly on your social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, etc, you can engage with existing followers and also attract new ones. The posts will either be written by us or be content/blog posts from your website, or videos. We might post something topical which is in the news and relates to your business. We might promote one of your products or services, or post about a forthcoming event, along with an eye-catching picture. What if you don’t yet have a Facebook page? Or an Instagram one, etc? That is not a problem, as we can create one for you.

Our Social Media Marketing service includes for example two or three posts per week on two or three of your social media platforms. We prefer Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram as these are the platforms with the highest amount of traffic, but if you wish you can also choose other platforms. We will also find the most influential people for you to follow and will market to them directly on your behalf. It’s possible you might also get followers in return. You will also get a weekly report from us detailing the level of engagement with current followers, new followers, the number of views each post has received, and the level of interactions.

social media management

engaging new customers

There is also the option of running a fully managed paid advertising campaign on Facebook and LinkedIn. This functions much like AdWords in that you pay a set amount, and you also set the boundaries such as location and age-group, and Facebook then guarantees that your ad will be shown to the relevant audience. It works like this – if you supply kitchens and someone in your specified area and demographic searches on Facebook for a replacement kitchen, your ad would then be placed in their Facebook feed. The advert would be created by us and approved by you.

Engaging with your existing and future customer base on Social Media builds trust, brand awareness, and a friendly and approachable image, especially on Facebook which is all about being friendly and social. The end result of all that is more traffic to your website, and more clients and sales for your business. 

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If you would like to find out just how a strategic Social Media Marketing campaign can impact your business, get in touch with Nick at triple888seo today.

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