How we Increase Your Ranking, Traffic, and Sales Using SEO

Today, about 80% of all online search is done on Google. For a business owner, this means that most of your prospective customers are on Google constantly searching for businesses like yours to work with. What’s more, about 95% of people who search Google will not go past the first page, and about 67% of them will go no further after the first five listings on the page.

What this means for every business owner is that if you are not on the first page or the first five listings on Google, you are likely to get zero customers (or very few customers if you are lucky). It is therefore important that you increase the traffic to your website and your website’s ranking on Google for you to have more sales.

How Do We do This?

By following proven SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) steps, we can increase the traffic on your website and your website’s ranking on Google to increase your sales exponentially.

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For Example:

By following proven SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) steps, we can increase the traffic on your website and your website’s ranking on Google to increase your sales exponentially.


website audit logoWebsite Audit:

No website will perform at its best or sometimes even begin to rank unless the foundations of the site are correct. Our website audit consists of over 200 factors that are checked and adjusted to guarantee optimum searchable performance and results. Furthermore, each of our client’s sites is constantly monitored to detect any issues that may inhabit ranking factors.

seo logoThe SEO Process:

Using the very latest correlation software and over 10 years of experience the foundation of any high performing site is the SEO foundation set up. We have the ability to test 500 important metrics of a website and continually monitor and adjust for the very best results and at the quickest possible time. Most importantly we will continue to increase rankings, traffic, and online presence. 

keyword research logoKeyword Research:

Finding and implementing the correct keywords that customers are using to find your business. Most importantly, the correct keywords that generate the highest amount of traffic to the site thus generating sales. We use the very latest software and tools that measure up to the minute results together with current search trends and locations.

Backlink building logoBacklink Building:

Building high-quality backlinks giving your website authority and traffic is essential in ranking highly in any search engine. All backlinks are manually built and are only from reputable sources. We also monitor the amount and monitor the profile of your competition.

competitor analysis logoCompetitor Analysis:

What can we learn from the competition? Plenty, our software is capable of providing a full correlation comparison of any website. Also, we can learn what keywords, backlinks, and other metrics are being used.

Paid campaigns logoPaid Campaigns:

Adwords and Facebook ads are a great way to increase traffic and sales. We can run a fully comprehensive paid campaign to suit any budget. Ecommerce, no problem, our Google shopping package is having spectacular results for clients.

website content logoCreate Good and High-Quality Content:

Your SEO ranking can be affected by how long a person stays on your website and having relevant content will make your customers stay longer on your website. This may also mean using higher word count as more words will help you provide more value to the customer and make them stay longer on your website. So, when next you create content, you might want to check if it is relevant and if it can cause your readers to stay longer on your website.

website loading speed logoIncrease Your Page Load Speed:

Research has shown that customers cannot stand waiting for a long time for your page to load. If your page takes more than a few seconds to load, customers will leave, and that could greatly affect your ranking. To increase your load speed, you could use plug-ins created for that purpose and optimise your images so that it doesn’t take so long to load an image.

mobile responsive logoMake Sure Your Website Design is Responsive:

Responsive website design is one in which the same website can be viewed or accessed effectively using any kind of device. For example, a website on the phone should be viewed as effectively as it would be on a tablet or laptop. It is important your website design is responsive as people often turn to their cellphones to check stuff out or complete a transaction they may have started on a laptop. If your website isn’t responsive, you will miss out on these clients.

content media logoUse Different Media to Promote Your Content:

Different multimedia like videos, audios, and images help provide satisfying information to your website visitors and keep them hooked on your website. Sites with videos have been reported to have a higher conversion rate than sites without videos. Displaying various multimedia for your website visitors helps promote your site as one with quality which can improve the time spent by guests on your website considerably and therefore increase your traffic, ranking and sales in that order.

All the above are just a small part of the service we provide. Why not contact us for full details and a plan to drive your website to the top!

online marketing logoOnline Marketing – Let us Lead Your Business

Online marketing is plainly a dream come true for most people who have ventured into it. Despite its extremely high success rate very few know exactly how to get the best from it. Online marketing perfectly actualises the ideology of how to grow a business overnight and maintain an ever-growing flow of clients or sales

what is marketing logoWhat is internet marketing?

By definition, it is the usage of specific tools so as to advertise or publicise a company’s or brand’s services and products. Simply put, it is a process of attracting more attention to your business or company using tools. It should not be interchanged with the traditional or casual advertisements that have reduced in efficiency over the years or pop ads that in smartphones because we are all aware of how annoying those are. Also, they are obviously ineffective considering the fact that most internet users have installed ad blockers on their devices or just easily click away from it.

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How to Improve Internet Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This involves the promotion of brands and websites by escalating the amount to which they are seen in search engine results through pay. It is the quicker and paid version of SEO. It is extremely effective as it is certainly the first thing internet users see when they search for a particular keyword or phrase. it is more expensive and is when you are capable of easily recovering your advertisement expenditures.


Social Media Marketing:

This basically entails using different social media platforms to help customers on a personal basis and then link them up with up your goods and services. When you share your brand or business through social media, generally, it creates a sense of awareness, social media can be more utilised. Writing interesting articles on platforms like LinkedIn that in the end redirects traffic to your site.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Fundamentally making sure a particular keyword or sentence is optimised in such a way that it maintains the higher ranks in search engine results. It increases the possibilities of people reading a particular article on your business or a link to your business whenever they search for something on a search engine.


Content Marketing:

The content basically subtly entices the target audience by helping them with certain problems they encounter or teaching them about something or guiding them through something. This value they find you give them prompts them to interact with the brand or company, that is, knowing more about them. This, in turn, naturally leads to your company or brand receiving awareness and increased sales.

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