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With over 200 points measured out website audits pinpoint exactly what needs to be done to get your site at the top! 

what is a website audit?

Having an audit performed on your website is the most important first step you need to take in order to understand the reasons behind your site’s under-performance. An audit is simply an analysis of your website which is undertaken by our specialist software, the results of which tell you exactly what work needs to be done on the site in order to optimise it and thus increase its ranking in search results. The software we use for performing the audit is one of the most advanced around, combined with our own personal template which has taken years to design, and together they produce very revealing information about the performance of your site and the reason why you might be experiencing a low amount of visitors to the site and a disappointing amount of sales. The audit also covers technical factors that affect users’ experience of your site and how long they stay there, for example how long your site takes to load up and how easy it is to navigate. It isn’t much use being at the top of page 1 if your site takes so long to load up that visitors quickly go elsewhere.

A full website audit takes 2 to 3 hours for a small site of up to about 25 pages, and for a site with hundreds of pages, it takes considerably longer.
Your website must meet the Google (and other search engines’) criteria, or algorithm, which is changing constantly, in order for it to rank well.

website Audit

The audit is extremely detailed and measures around 200 points, including:

seo logoSEO components, for example:
The keywords on your site (whether they are missing or incorrect, or if there is any “keyword stuffing”); the quality and amount of backlinks the site has; if there are any missing meta descriptions and title tags; the amount of content (text), etc.

website security logoThe security of the site:
You want to prevent hackers from gaining access to your visitors’ sensitive information.

website buildSite Loading Speed:
Sites that take forever to load up are frustrating to visitors who will most likely go elsewhere

what is marketing logoWebsite Construction:
Also a reason for the loss of visitors, your site needs to be easy to navigate and have correct internal linking, etc.

mobile responsive logoHow the site is seen on different devices:
Whether it is mobile-friendly or not, etc.

website tech auditTechnical issues:
If there are any website errors, for example, picture compression, HTML errors, broken links, etc.

website navigation logoBounce rate and site navigation:
How long visitors spend on your site and what they look at when they’re there.

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This is just a small snapshot of what is covered. For more information or if you would like to have your website audited, please contact Nick at triple888seo.

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