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Google AdWords Explained

We run various size Google AdWords campaigns for many business clients, as it can really transform their traffic and sales if implemented correctly. However, it can also be a disaster and cause a substantial loss of money if it is not. This article will explain what is involved in the creation of a Google AdWords campaign. 

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Savings of up to 60% with a managed account

Google AdWords is a “pay per click” (PPC) system and involves the following – if you are a lawyer in Basingstoke then you want to show up at the top of searches whenever someone types “lawyer in Basingstoke” into Google. With the help of our client, we choose the keywords most relevant to their business which we know people will be searching for. We research for you the best performing keywords that give the best results. You have to choose a maximum amount you would be willing to pay for someone to click on your ad, or you can opt for Google to choose the bid amount for you, within your specified budget.

The company that is willing to pay the most to have a potential customer click on them, combined with the quality of their website (which must fulfill all of Google’s current criteria such as having enough content), will be at the top of page 1. Obviously having a lot of competition in your field will drive up the price of the “cost per click” (CPC). Therefore, Google AdWords is like an auction where the highest bidder (who is willing to pay the most for a particular search term) comes out on top and is more likely to attract the client. We will guide you every step of the way with this so there is nothing to fear.

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Outperform your competitors

When searching for something yourself, you can see the word “Ad” in a little box next to the search results at the top, these are the ones who have a Google AdWords campaign. The rest of the results below these are called “organic” and these are not paid for, and their positions can be variable over time and are determined only by the quality of their website according to Google at that moment. And these criteria change. As 75% of people don’t even look at page 2, the ideal is for your paid advert to be on page 1 at the very top.

Google allows a maximum of 7 “Ads” per page so if there are more than that, they will be displayed on subsequent pages. It all depends on how popular this search term is for advertisers. Obviously “natural dog food” will have a huge amount of competition, whereas “clothes for giraffes” probably won’t.

When someone then clicks on your AdWords listing, Google charges you for the click (this is paid monthly), and you watch your sales skyrocket.

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