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All About "Google My Business" Listings

Have you noticed when searching online for a local restaurant, or for an electrician, or perhaps a pet shop, how at the top of the Google search results you always see three listings for local businesses, and each one contains handy information such as a map showing where they are, a brief description of exactly what it is they do, their address and phone number, opening times, and also an averaged rating out of 5 stars based on all the reviews they have received? Upon clicking on the name of the business you are interested in, you are also then shown pictures showing the exterior and interior of the premises, and any products they sell, along with a link to their website. These are the “Google My Business” (or GMB) listings. Having a GMB listing is essential for any business as it gives you instant local exposure, and it costs nothing to have one set up. Even if your business is online only without a physical shop you should still have a GMB listing.

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Drive new local customers to your website

It is very important to get the description of your business right. Google allows you 750 characters for this but all the most important information should be visible at the start. It is also important here to include keywords related to your business that people might search for.

Google will only show three local GMB listings in the main search, so how do you make sure your business appears there? This is where you need the help of an SEO expert, to not only make sure that all the essential information pertaining to your business has been input into your listing, but also to keep your listing optimised according to the latest Google algorithms. It also helps to add new content on a regular basis, like new photos. Google will favour businesses who do this as it shows them that the business is current and active. Having a decent amount of good reviews is also important for ranking in the GMB listings. Responding to both good and bad reviews is a very good idea as it shows that you care and have good after-sales service.

You can now add regular posts to your GMB listing in order to showcase a special offer you have running or a one-off event. This post can contain up to 300 words of text and also a picture. Along with the post is a “call to action” link where people can click to sign up for example. As of February 2020 Google allowed up to 10 photos or videos in GMB posts.

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