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In 2019 Statistics have shown that approximately 89% of people use Google to find businesses like yours, rather than traditional media such as the Yellow Pages, Thompson Local, and other print advertising. It is also worth noting that 63% of internet searchers do not look past page 1 of Google.

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Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing organic search engine results that generate traffic and customers to a website. It is achieved in many different ways. Firstly a detailed website audit is undertaken, this identifies any problems that need to be addressed and highlights underlying issues that affect the overall ranking of the site.


One of the most detailed and comprehensive website audits available. With over 200 specific checks and up to 10,000 pages scanned that produces a detailed report with recommendations to ensure your website is at its full potential. A 200 point customer report detailing problems and recommendations is provided to you.


Complete campaigns that are constantly monitored at minimal cost. Fully adjustable to suit any size business and budget. Multi-area or local advertising available with full content and structure. Continuously monitored to maximize profit and saving of up to 60%.


All platforms covered with full connectability. Let us take care of all your social media marketing, creating compelling interesting posts that your followers will love to engage with! Over 30 social media sites can be utilized to boost your online presence and promote your products or services.

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With over 10 years’ experience of working with many top businesses, Triple888SEO offers a service that you can rely on. Our mission is to provide the highest quality SEO services at a price that any size business can afford, so you get the results you want. We always keep you up to date with weekly reports, and staying ahead of new criteria and updates from search engines is our priority to ensure your success.

Our clients range from sole traders who provide a local service to multi-million-pound companies with many thousands of web pages and products, as well as top UK eBay and Amazon sellers. Being available at any time of day to give advice and help is always a key point with our customers. We are always available to meet, call, email or on any one of the many messaging services available if you have any questions or need a chat.

Why not contact us for a free consultation and see what we can do for your business!

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Is SEO Required To Be On Page 1?

The short answer to this is yes, absolutely! All your competitors who are ranking on page 1 have got there through having SEO in place. If you neglect SEO then you will be left behind as no-one will be able to find you. Search engines are the internet’s way of cataloguing information for easy access, however they cannot do this on their own. The criteria of these search engines, (the requirements they determine to be important for a website’s ranking in search results), is always changing so it is essential that you have a dedicated SEO expert working on your site to ensure that it appears on page 1 of search results.

SEO done incorrectly can result in your site being buried deep in the search results where the chance of finding your content is minimal.

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Does my website need SEO?

The vast majority of the traffic that visits your website arrives there via the three main search engines: Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Some visitors will also find your site through your social media pages, however the search engines remain the primary source of traffic to your site due to the fact that they are the easiest and most direct channels for accessing the internet.

With this in mind, you can see why SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is so important for generating new customers and increasing sales. It is impossible for your website to rank without it. If you are a plumber in Southampton for example, you need to ensure that your website appears in the top 10 results on page 1 of a google search for “plumber in Southampton”. Being on the first page is of the utmost importance as most people will never look on page 2. Also, having an SEO expert on board is essential to correct any errors your website has which would reduce its chances of ranking, to begin with. Even professionally built websites very often contain these SEO mistakes which are disastrous for your rankings, and therefore the success of your business.

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