As you are well aware, there is a lot of stiff competition in Leicester with businesses of all sizes vying for their place on page 1 of Google, therefore you need an SEO agency you can trust to deliver. With over 10 years’ experience taking businesses like yours in Leicester to the next level, with our highly personal and individualised service, we are the SEO agency you need. We are small yet mighty, always keeping ourselves on top of our game by staying up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithms. And what’s more, we are here for you 7 days a week, any time of day, if you need help over the phone or email. I can guarantee you that no other agency can say that. So I can say with confidence that the quality of our SEO services and that of our customer service are second to none.

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We are a one-stop shop for all your SEO requirements, and our services also include management of your AdWords account, (which saves you time and money), as well as full social media management and promotion. We will get your Leicester-based business ranking on page 1, which in turn will massively increase your website traffic and ultimately your sales/clients. You will also find that our services are highly affordable, as being a small agency means we are able to keep our costs down while at the same time providing a first-class service that you won’t find anywhere else. We do SEO for a broad variety of businesses in and around Leicester, including solicitors, wedding planners, cleaning agencies, you name it, and all of them are delighted with the results they are getting. We have even had clients who have come to us in despair as they have just spent thousands on some massive top SEO agency, only to discover that the agency hadn’t even touched their site for weeks and so the results they were getting were very poor indeed. You also want to avoid at all costs the so-called “black hat” SEO where for example you would pay peanuts for hundreds of backlinks which you will soon discover are from very low-quality sites, resulting in your website possibly being banned from Google.

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when you choose us for your Leicester business, as our many happy customers can testify. So why not get in touch? You have nothing to lose as we will audit your website for free. This audit will tell us exactly what work would need to be done on your site to optimise it, and there is no obligation for you to use our services after that.

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